The American Concrete Pavement Association has developed a robust online tool for viewing and assessing the condition of more than 275 concrete overlay projects throughout the United States.

The National Concrete Overlay Explorer, found at www.overlays.acpa.org provides details about the six types of concrete overlays: bonded on asphalt-, composite-, or concrete- pavements, and unbonded on asphalt-, composite-, or concrete-pavements. The information also is organized geographically (geocoordinates), as well as by applications, including highways, airports, streets and roads, parking lots, and industrial pavements and trucking facilities. Clicking on individual projects brings up details such as the project name, location, and description, along with the name of the contractor, agency, and engineer. Descriptions also include technical details about the original construction and information about the current condition of the overlay pavement. Also, many of the projects on the site include photos depicting the construction or finished project.

For information in North Dakota about concrete overlay pavements, call Dave Sethre at 701-371-4497

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