Concrete Testing Adherence Collaboration Program

NDRM&CPA Concrete Testing Adherence Collaboration Program

The NDRM&CPA CTAC Program is now accepting applications for Observers!

The job-site testing of concrete is an important part of providing quality concrete for construction projects. However, it is not always known how well the testing is performed, including the condition of the testing equipment and calibration, how the samples are handled, transported, and stored, and whether the correct test has been conducted. While there are standards, training, and certification through ACI, ASTM, and other programs, there has not been sufficient means to monitor the application of the testing procedures.

The CTAC program was initiated in Colorado in 2015 and has now been adopted nationwide by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Individual states are implementing through their state associations in our region, such as Minnesota and Iowa.

Under the CTAC program, ready mixed concrete companies will have their technicians go to job sites a few times a week to observe testing. They will record their observations through a cell phone app that asks 4 questions: 1) tester’s ACI certification number; 2) whether the sampling was done per ASTM C 172; 3) whether tests were completed and strength specimens molded correctly; and 4) whether the samples were stored in the initial curing environment correctly, including temperature monitoring.

The purpose of CTAC is to help inform and educate. The data will help ready mixed concrete suppliers better understand testing practices regarding concrete they have supplied. They will be able to share data with laboratories and other testers as requested.

As an Observer, you will simply fill out an online form on the CTAC App on your phone or mobile device that answers the 4 questions listed above, with some additional information regarding specific tests performed.  Observations and recordings take less than 15 minutes to perform and help us gather the data used to analyze industry performance.

Observers are required to meet the following criteria:

    • Have current ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 Certification.


    • Have at least 1 full year of experience testing fresh concrete materials


If you desire to be a CTAC Observer, please fill out the application form below.

Additionally, individual companies are allowed to sign up to receive the CTAC gathered data on their company for internal quality control purposes.  To receive data, please register as a “Company Manager” below.