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The NDRM & CPA and the  of the American Concrete Pavement Association ND Chapter, Inc. rely on members to help fulfill the mission to support and promote the use of concrete as the building material of choice in North Dakota. These member companies promote best practices, enhanced training opportunities and stay in tune with the latest advancements in the concrete industry. They are committed to producing high quality concrete products that provide value to consumers for year to come.


For a complete listing of our valuable members to consider for your next project, please see our Membership Directory.

Membership Directory

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The North Dakota Ready Mix & Concrete Products Association, along with the  of the American Concrete Pavement Association North Dakota Chapter, Inc., offer a variety of membership levels based on the following criteria:

Active Membership

Any individual who is engaged in the production of ready mixed and/or concrete products for commercial purposes or any individual who represents a firm or corporation which is so engaged shall be eligible for active membership in this Association.


Associate Membership

Any individual or firm who is engaged in the manufacture or sale of equipment, or materials, or any individual who represents a firm or corporation which is so engaged, or members of technical and professional societies and organizations interested in the industry shall be eligible for associate membership in this Association.


Affiliate Membership

Any individual or firm who is interested in the goals and purposes of the Association, but not eligible for Active or Associate membership, shall be eligible for Affiliate membership in this Association.

Just some of benefits of the Association include:

Educational Trainings
Promotional Materials
Technical Support
Government Relations
Certification Programs
Networking Events
Project Recognition
Awards Program

Dues Structure

Active Members

1  Plant   |   $365
0-5 Trucks   |   $365

Then Add:
Plants |   2 or more   |  $75/each per plant
Trucks  |   5-14   |   $60/each per truck
Trucks  |   15-19   |   $50/each per truck
Trucks  |   20-25   |   $45/each per truck
Trucks  |   26 or more   |   $20/each per truck



Additional Plants  |    $75/each per plant

Associate Members

(Cement, Admixtures, Aggregate, Fly-Ash, Pozzolans)


(Plants, Trucks, Etc.)

Affiliate Members


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